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   TRICOM Combatives are the result of years experience and evolution teaching police and military Defensive Tactics and Combatives programs around the world. Based on tactics of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali and supplemented with various striking and grappling disciplines, the TRICOM modules have been taught to Special Operations and Instructors from police and military units across North & South America, Asia and Europe.


The TRICOM Combatives headed by Tuhon Jared Wihongi is a specialized system designed to meet the mission specific demands of military, law enforcement operators and professional security personnel. Learn to integrate strategies, tactics and operational training platforms that have the highest probability of application in the real world.

Designed for Active Operators and Modern Warriors, the TRICOM Combatives system offers training modulation which applies time-tested Combatives application integrating:

  • TRICOM Fundamentals

  • Subject Control Dynamics

  • Impact Weapons

  • Edged Weapons

  • Weapon Countermeasures

  • Duty Knife As Backup Weapon

  • Ground S.E.R.E

  • CQ Force Integration Tactics.

* WARRIOR STRATEGIES Is An Authorized TRICOM Training provider in South East Asia Directly Under Guidance of Tuhon Jared Wihongi.


This 12-week subscription course will provide you with the necessary fundamentals common to all TRICOM courses.

This course provides TRICOM Instructor candidates with all the Fundamental knowledge and skill that is TRICOM and only opens up to new candidates a few times per year. 



TRICOM Specialized modules will provide you with the necessary advanced training that can be integrated within TRICOM Fundamentals Training Course.

  • TRICOM: Fundamentals and Advanced Expandable Baton Program

  • TRICOM: Duty Knife as a Backup Weapon

  • TRICOM: Edged Weapons Countermeasures

  • TRICOM: Tactical Clinch

TriCom Online courses are primarily taught by Tuhon Jared Wihongi with special guest appearances by high level military and police trainers.
  • TriCom system is designed for rapid learning focusing on functional retainability.

  • TriCom system is designed to serve law enforcement and military professionals who may have limited training time before deployment.

  • Designed to be modular, a TriCom instructor can analyze mission-specific requirements from a unit or department and fill those needs with the appropriate TriCom module or create a special blend of techniques/tactics to optimally serve those needs

  • TriCom contains universal concepts that are taught under specific context. If your context is civilian self-defense, TriCom may provide the answers you are looking for in a way that is expedient and specific to your requirements.

  • TriCom is a critical bridge that can help you teach Combatives or Defensive Tactics concepts effectively to security and defense professionals.

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