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   WARRIOR STRATEGIES is a consulting company specializing in Warrior-Centric services and solutions headquatered in South East Asia with operating Annexes in USA, South America, Africa and Middle East. 

Since its inception in 2011, the key approach has been based on actively integrated operational strategies and tactics that are continually refined and tested in a variety of enviroments by diversed specialized operators around the region. We are experienced regional based officers, operators and trainers with professional certifications in multiple fields of expertise.

Using our years of global operational background and training credentials in Anti-Terrorism, Executive Protection, Risk Mitigation, High Risk Security Operations, Mental Toughness and Resilience Trainers as an advantage, we developed operational specific strategies and specialized training for modern warriors.

  • Sustain and Support operational-based Consulting, Coaching and Collaboration thru Strategic Services 

  • Enhance Leadership, Strategic, Tactical and Operational skills through Warrior-centric training and learning platform

  • Advancement of Modern Warrior Skills performance enhancement, accelerated learning and sustained excellence

  • Optimize the Warrior operator in every aspects of the operational spectrum

  • Adaptive and functional Warrior training infrastructure and integration using current updated research

  • Applied Warrior Mindset, Mental Toughness, Neuro-Operator and Resilience training for Modern Elite Warriors


 WARRIOR STRATEGIES is an Authorized and Approved Center Of Training representating Internationally Recognized Training Organizations.


Thru this recognized training Authorization Warrior Strategies is providing globally accepted industry Standards, Qualifications and Certification in the Asian Region. 

WARRIOR STRATEGIES integrates comprehensive global training framework, providing invaluable capability to enhance training certification and implementation thru: 

  • Elite Security Academy Authorized SIA Training Provider, UK

  • IATPA International Anti-Terrorism Professionals Association, USA

  • TRICOM - Survival Edge Tactical Systems, USA

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