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Adaptive Training Systems That Optimizes Combative Essentials, Personal Defense Strategies, Tactics And Counter-Measures

'A Warrior Is Forged In Fire of Adversity.'

SAFER For Life 

  SAFER is an innovative training program that is designed to equip individuals with personal protection to effectively Predict, Prevent and Protect against risk based situations.


This interactive program provides realistic personal safety models with simple and realistic personal safety principles, Safer mindset and in-depth understanding of being safer in the VUCA world. The training workshop will also include in depth and experiential training in Personal Defence strategies and tactics against common physical assaults and threats.

SAFER For Life training provides realistic personal safety models by focusing on Psychological & Physical protection strategies, Conflict Management measures and Integration of Behavioral based tactics. Trainees are taught simple and realistic personal safety principles that are implemented to keep them prepared at all times.


SAFER For Life programs are taught thru simple and easy approach to self-protection and it addresses important factors to ensure one’s safety and survivability in any risky situation.

SAFER For Life Training:

• Personal Safety Essentials

• SAFER Mindset

• Situational Awareness

• Conflict Management

• Home, Workplace & Travel Safety

• Urban Security

• Personal Defence

• Scenario Training

Safer For Life

'A Warrior Is Forged In Fire of Adversity.'

Warrior Combatives 

  Warrior Combatives is the integration of Warrior Mind, Combative Psychology, Weapon System and Modern Operational based Combatives; Impact Weapons, Edged Weapons, Firearms and Improvised Weapons.


The core of this training program is based on the high concept of Armed Warrior System integrating applicable combatives core skills and use of force adaptation in today’s hostile environment.

WARCOM training is progressive and based on proven efficacy in operational experiences that simulate reality conditions that place the operator under the equivalent amount of pressure. The training methodology accounts for and interweaves the psychology and physiological dynamics that influences the operator's critical decision making processes under intense duress.

The training prioritize the essentials of Combatives thru the Worst Case Scenarios filters and the relevant counter measures that can be implemented by operatives in high risk in-close quarter’s distance using unarmed or armed tactics against adversaries.

  WARCOM Training: 

  • Combatives Mindset

  • Combative Essentials

  • Contact, Clinch and Ground 

  • Armed Combatives

  • Edged Weapons

  • Impact Weapons

  • Improvised Weapons

  • Handgun Combatives

  • Weapon Counter-measures

  • Worst Case Scenarios 


“Strategy Is The Craft Of The Warrior.”

                                                                     Miyamoto Musashi

Tri-Angle Combatives

   TRICOM (Tri-Angle Combatives) system of the Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association headed by Tuhon Jared Wihongi applies time-tested Pekiti Tirsia Kali essentials to Tactical based Defensive Tactics application for law enforcement, military and security operatives and agencies.  

The TRICOM modules are the result of years experience and evolution teaching police and military Defensive Tactics and Combatives programs around the world. Based on tactics of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali and supplemented with various striking and grappling disciplines, the TRICOM modules have been taught to Special Operations and Instructors from police and military units across North & South America, Asia and Europe.

The TRICOM Combatives is a specialized system designed to meet the mission specific demands of military, law enforcement operators and professional security personnel. Learn to integrate strategies, tactics and operational training platforms that have the highest probability of application in the real world.

Designed for Active Operators and Modern Warriors, the TRICOM Combatives system offers training modulation which applies time-tested Combatives application integrating:

  • TRICOM Fundamentals

  • Subject Control Dynamics

  • Impact Weapons

  • Edged Weapons

  • Weapon Countermeasures

  • Duty Knife As Backup Weapon

  • Ground S.E.R.E

  • CQ Force Integration Tactics

  • Scenario Training

“Strategy Is The Craft Of The Warrior.”

                                                                     Miyamoto Musashi

HandGun Combatives 

   The program starts from the hypothesis and premise that the handgun is an essential combative tool for operations in urban engagement and use in confrontation as a personal defense option. This course is designed for anyone who require defensive handgun tactics in critical, hostile situations.


The course provides a clear understanding of the Personal Defense approach in addition to the integration of Defensive Tactics and Operational weapons. The training also integrates 'Neuro Operative Training' modulation focusing on mental skills, accelerated skills retention and performance enhancement process that are emphasized making the program comprehensive.


Training is conducted through a progressive series of modules, briefings and presentations, dry-practice drills, positional transitions, live-fire and force-on-force scenarios. In this program trainees will be introduced to the dynamic, chaotic and combat proven interactive defensive firearms training that is crucial for personal defense. 

   HandGun Combatives 

  • Firearm Safety

  • Combatives Psychology

  • Neuro-Operator

  • Handgun Essentials

  • Close Quarters Contact

  • Weapon Transitions

  • Integrated Combatives

  • Urban Elements

Hangun Combatives
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