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Anti-Human Trafficking Certification

  Imagine being sold and resold to different customers and sold numerous times for an exponential amount of profit for sexual exploitation? This is called human trafficking and it entails the buying and selling of human beings; these victims are exploited over and over again, day after day.  

Popular perceptions on human trafficking are based on increasing coverage on television series and a growing number of films.  Human trafficking is becoming a popular topic for the film industry.  For example, the first blockbuster movie on human trafficking was the 2009 movie Taken. Even though this movie is action packed and has a hero and a happing ending it also has several misconceptions about human trafficking and in this course, you will know what those are.  
Recognizing key indicators of human trafficking is the first step in identifying victims and can help save a life.
The objective for this core course is for researchers to understand the fundamental concepts of human trafficking from its basic definition to the detailed analysis of its components, phases, and characteristics. 

These courses are aimed to provide knowledge and awareness to Employees who may encounter trafficking victims in the places in which they work:
• Hotel workers, • Immigration officers, • Border guards, • Health care professionals. • Transportation professionals, – truck drivers, taxi and uber drivers, bus drivers; train attendants, flight attendants, and employees at truck and rest stops. • Education officials, • Community leaders, • Social Services Providers, • Religious leaders, • Law enforcement, • Investigators, • Media Professionals.



  • Introduction & Course Objectives

  • The Three Elements Of Human Trafficking

  • Characteristics Of Human Trafficking

  • The Distinction Between Human Trafficking And Human Smuggling

  • Human Trafficking Protocols

  • Trafficker Profile

  • Traffickers And Their Tactics

  • Common Myths About Human Trafficking

  • Bonus Lecture 1: Human Trafficking Weapons Of War

  • The Nexus Between Terrorism And Human Trafficking

  • Bonus Lecture 2: Covid-19 Impact On Human Trafficking


'A Warrior Is Forged In Fire of Adversity.'

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training Series: Afghanistan

The Private Military / Security Contractor Pre-Deployment Training Series is a series of information and intelligence about High-Risk areas in which a PMC can be deployed at any given moment. While firearms training and military background are important in PMC, having the country knowledge of deployment can be key to a successful mission.


The first course will be on Afghanistan, including its geography, history, government, military forces, and communications and transportation networks. This information is intended to familiarize PMC personnel with local customs and area knowledge to assist them during their mission in Afghanistan.


  • Delivery Method: Online Self-Study

  • 40 minutes on-demand video

  • 1 article

  • 10 downloadable resources

  • Full lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion

  • Future updates and links.

  • Bonus: Assassination Survival Manual For Security Professionals.

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