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Immersive Training Elements That Integrates In-Depth Warrior Operator Advancement Skill-Sets, Strategies And Tactics

Tactical First Care

   The TAFCARE course is mainly a dynamic hands-on training to reinforce life-saving skills crucial to Modern Warriors in high risk professions and in a dynamic environment and train to be an immediate responder, a person who recognizes life-threatening bleeding and can act right away using bleeding control methods for others and oneself.

The TAFCARE course has been designed and intended for any individual with or without basic medical knowledge and skills in defensive encounters and other emergency life threatening situations that may be encountered in protective details, military, law enforcement or high-risk security environments going beyond first aid response.

Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in serious incidents, accidents or disasters.


Instead of being a witness, a trained person can become an immediate responder on site and assist, provide immediate frontline aid until first responders are able to take over care of an injured person. Due to many situations, there may be a delay between the time of injury and the time a first responder is on the scene.

Throughout this program, one will experience a combination of classroom-based learning and assessment, along with the practical application of field based tactics under stress. Our training provides additional experience and the personal capacity to confidently preserve life in a first responder capacity. We provide First Care experiences applicable to any tactical operations and extend to applications in various security and protective roles.

- TAFCARE Essentials
- Incident Risk Assessment
- Trauma Management
- Bleeding Control: Manage Catastrophic Bleeding
- Care Under Fire 
- Tactical Evacuation
- Threat Mitigation
- Continuity of Contact
- Fighting Injured
- Support System
- Scenario-based Training: Solo Operator, Team Work, Man Down, Urban Area and Vehicles Elements

Warrior Operator Elements

   WAROPE is a Core Spectrum Warrior Program that provides warrior operator essential skill-sets and familiarization to thrive in any VUCA environment. The training focuses on Core Spectrum Operator Strategies, Tactics and Training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern and personal defense.


A modern warrior operator needs to be multi-faceted and master of all the urban elements, understand key sustainability and supporting skills that are crucial for current operating fields. Focusing on practical application of operator specific skills, this course is designed to enhance the survivability of warrior operator or teams in any urban environment.

The training includes warrior mindset, personal protection, tactical elements, tactical movement, close quarter combatives, weapons combatives, medic skills, live fire drills, scenario based training, decision-making, specialized solo operator and team tactics, immediate action and contact drills.

The operator will engage in active field exercises and scenarios that will improve and enhance operator adaptability, mental toughness and resilience. The course is designed to focus on key tactical fundamentals and provide warrior operators with enhanced strategies, tactics and skills to navigate common urban threats and disruption.

   WAROPE Training:

  • Combative Psychology

  • Personal Protection

  • Tactical Elements

  • VIP Protection

  • CQ Combatives 

  • Weapon Combatives

  • Firearm Tactics

  • Emergency Medic Skills

  • Solo Operator Tactics

  • 2 Man Team Tactics

  • Urban Elements

  • Vehicle Based Tactics 

  • Scenario Training

Personal Protection Professional CP3

  Personal Protection Professional CP3 course is designed for understanding the core fundamentals and tactical skills required for protection operations. The course focuses on core principles and tactical skills, protective measures, third party protection, operational measures and tactics specific to modern protective work.


The intensive course framework provides Fundamentals and comprehensive tactical related skill-sets in protective operations. Essential protective security, psychological principles, physical protection methods and skills are covered and integrated to form a comprehensive overview of reality-based protective tactics that can be implemented by any single individual or a team.


The course is focused on the human element of security, which relates to “Proactive, Active and Reactive security” awareness, analysis and mitigation of common threats. Through a curriculum of both essential training, practical and hands-on experience, trainees are familiarized with core functions of a personal protection operation and implementation of proactive security and contingency measures in any organization.

  CP3 Training:

  • Personal Protection Essentials

  • Protectors Mindset

  • Protective Operations

  • Advance Measures

  • Surveillance Detection

  • Protective Intervention

  • Close Quarter Combatives

  • Firearms Skills

  • Conflict Management

  • Protective Driving

  • Emergency Medic

  • Field Exercise Scenarios

CP3 Training Course Is Endorsed And Certified Under The IATPA International Anti-Terrorism Professionals Association Certification Board 

Elite Level 4 International Bodyguard PSD

   Warrior Strategies as authorized training provider delivers the Highfield Level 4 International Bodyguard (PSD) Accreditation ISO9001, throughout South East Asia. A comprehensive 5 days program covering the principles of reactive Bodyguarding PSD. Designed for those providing short-term protection, the specification has been mapped to the SIA licensed linked CP program and is also suitable for those requiring refresher training. 

This standardized international qualification program prepares participants in the finer techniques, drills and skills required to effectively provide personal protection to a VIP/Principal, self and team. It is delivered in an executive protection setting and can be provided for a more hostile environment setting, depending on client needs.

The course is a balance of preparation and planning, theoretical and practical skills, teamwork and live operations, providing a well-rounded skill set for international bodyguarding as an operative, or for existing operational teams, for either experienced or new participants to the industry.


The program is initiated from police, military, private security and close protection industry operatives to provide experienced based training to meet the competencies required and is delivered to the highest international industry standards

   Elite Level 4 International Bodyguard PSD Training:

  • Bodyguard PSD Essentials 

  • BG Interpersonal skills

  • Close protection operative

  • Close protection teamwork

  • Threat and risk assessment

  • Operational planning

  • Close protection Drills

  • Route selection

  • Use of protection vehicle

  • Conflict management

  • Venue-based security

  • Surveillance Awareness

  • Close Quarter Combat

  • Driving Skills

* Elite Level 4 Bodyguard PSD Course is Accredited By Highfield Awarding Body of Complience (HABC), an Ofqual and SIA Approved Awarding Organization in UK.

Elite BG Level 4
Elite Level 4 Close Protection Firearms and Tactics

   The Level 4 Certificate in Close Protection Firearms and Tactics Qualification has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills in accordance with ISO 28007 Maritime & ISO 18788 Land Base Compliance.

The course provides professional advantage and competency to any Protective Operators baseline skills and qualifications. Trainees will go through Essential Firearm Skills, Dry-Fire and Force-on-Force evolutions for Protective Operations and Active Threat Mitigation Scenarios.

It provides the course trainees with both theory and practical application of Firearm tactics whilst using weapon systems to meet the standards required by Private Security/Military Contractors (PSC1/ISO 18788).

This qualification consists of 3 units:
- Unit 1 Firearms Safety and Familiarization
- Unit 2 Close Protection Firearms Tactics
- Unit 2 Close Protection Firearms Vehicle Tactics

 Requalification training and assessment should be conducted in a minimum of 20 contact hours. Completion of the Level 4 Certificate enables progression to higher levels up to Level 4 Diploma and may also be used to promote career progression in the security field and support applications to higher education institutions.

   CP Firearms and Tactics Training

  • Firearms Safety

  • Firearms Competency

  • Primary and Secondary Weapon System

  • Single Person and Team Based Protective Tactics

  • Protective Immediate Action (PIA)

  • 1 Man Protective Tactics and Firearms Contact

  • Team Protective Tactics and Firearms Contact 

  • Vehicle Mount and Dis-Mount Firearms Contact 

  • Vehicle Based Protective Firearms Tactics 

  • Armed Vehicle Tactics

* Elite Level 4 Close Protection Firearms and Tactics Course is Accredited By Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance (HABC), an Ofqual and SIA Approved Awarding Organization in UK.

CP Firearms and Tactics
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