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WARRIOR STRATEGIES provides advisory and assistance on Risk Mitigation, Security Measures, RTV Risk Threat Vulnerability Assessment and Turnkey implementation programs.


In addition to risk consulting, we also develop and provide customized security solutions to address specific needs of our clients. Integrating proven strategies with unconventional process, it develops effective solutions to any security concerns.


WARRIOR STRATEGIES provides comprehensive strategic, tactical and operational services that range from Consulting, Advisory, Assitance to specialized training programs for the Modern Warriors.


WARRIOR STRATEGIES provides means of managing those who are at risk, advises on the assessment, mitigation risks and developing strategies for enhancing safety, security and sustainability.

'A Warrior Is A Path Finder.'


  WARRIOR STRATEGIES operates as an outreach consultants and contractors on priority basis and currently have our operational annexes extended globally to support and sustain turn-key mission solutions.


With extensive global professionals’ network and operators we are capable of priority deployment and implement customized solutions worldwide

   Key Services:

'A Warrior Is Forged In Fire of Adversity.'

Key Services


Strategic Consulting involves dynamic assessment of Risk, Threat and Vulnerability and processes for improving the existing security environment. We identify the people, property and processes at risk, identify and assess threats, review the effectiveness of existing measures; and determine the level of mitigation. Our consultants use proven analysis and evaluation tools to provide accurate assessments of risk, threats, and vulnerabilities and the consequent response and mitigation strategies.



Protective Operations centers on taking a comprehensive safeguarding critical key persons and assets; It involves threat assessment, advance planning and protocols, security procedures, emergency response and crisis management.  It also entails Travel Protection, Event and Venue Protection, Asset Protection, Information Security and Secured Transportation.



Personal Protection provides an organized system of security measures applied at integrated levels and defines security options to critical persons, property or products, to minimize security risks in any form. This encompasses areas of personal security, physical security, IT security and travel security measures and personal safety training awareness.

Strategic Consulting
Protective Operations
Personal Protection

“Strategy Is The Craft Of The Warrior.”

                                                                     Miyamoto Musashi



Crisis Assistance is based on the need of providing on-demand based assistance, facilitation and support that include Personal Assistance, Security concierge, Medical Emergency and Travel assistance programs. Assistance services are implemented for key clients in the region.


Our team of highly experienced advisors and specialist training teams can deliver bespoke programs to meet the service or training requirements of any security needs. We can provide bespoke plans to assist in dealing with both immediate and long-term strategic and operational issues.


We provide regional support services in both emergency and non-emergency situations through our reliable team of operatives. Our partnering with client organization creates comprehensive response operations from the planning phase, providing valuable on-the-ground intelligence and the capability to assist, safeguard and transport impacted personnel.


We provide training and consultation services to Law Enforcement, Private and Security Agencies regionally. We offer policy and complete tactical capability evaluations and enhancement program, customized to address the specific operational concerns of any branch of Military, Law Enforcement and Security groups.

Crisis Assistance
Special Projects
Support Services
Specialized Training
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